“I want to sing the praises of Gail Green who worked with us on renting out house over the past five years.

“We originally contacted Gail on a recommendation from a fellow agent with Hammond in Lexington since we were moving abroad for work and wanted to rent, rather than sell, our house in Lexington.  From the start, Gail's customer service and follow-through were exceptional -- she consistently went above and beyond in terms of answering questions, giving honest advice, setting expectations and working with a large group of potential renters, relocations specialists and company HR staff with grace and calm competence. We always felt in good hands with her and she was able to find us a great family who stayed in our home for a year before finding their own place. 

“We continued to work with Gail to find two other families over the last years and she continued to always provide us with hands-on advice and help, even when we were 4,000 miles away in Switzerland.  As our time abroad lengthened, we started to need help with finding contractors for the house and again Gail was helpful with a list of recommended people for us to talk to about any number of issues with the house.  She gave us a great sense of security and comfort with the fact that someone was in Lexington ‘on our side’ who could help us with issues that came up.

“We've since moved back to town and are moving back into our house this month so we will be saying ‘goodbye’ to Gail's services as a rental agent for us.  We will, however, recommend her to anyone we meet looking for these services.  We really couldn't be happier with how things worked over the years with renting our house -- a prospect that could have been very difficult and stressful -- and we believe that we owe most of that to Gail's hard work and professionalism.   You are very lucky to have her on your team representing Hammond in Lexington and the surrounding towns!”

--Judd L. and Kathy S., August 2015

“Thank you so much for making the search and buying of the condo seem so ‘easy’ and ‘effortless.’”

-- Lia R., May 2015

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work and efforts.  We truly appreciate you going above and beyond to help us find a great home in MA!  You made this stressful and uncertain process manageable for us even though I was across the country.

“All of your expertise and thorough correspondence were invaluable.  We are excited to start this new chapter in our lives and thanks to you we have a nice home to do that in.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

-- Russ, Jennifer, Blaize and Lorna, December 2014

"You are truly a professional and I have enjoyed working with you throughout this process." 

--Sheila M., December 2014


"I have to tell you I'm very very impressed with your thoughtfulness and thoroughness when taking care of things for a remote landlord like me. It was really, really helpful. Thanks so much! I'm glad I found you to take care of my rental."

-- Jenny, November 2013

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate your good works and help, your ability to make things work, not to mention your good nature!  Without your presence, I certainly would not even begin to entertain these rental projects."

"Thank you! And thank you!"

-- Rich P., November 2013